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For example, here is a quick video explaining the Webflow Editor done by the folks at Webflow University.

And here is the same quick video posted on YouTube.

We can get real fancy on this page but for now, I'm just going to use it to store information pertinent to this site and your configuration. Both of the links above could have just as easily been video players that would play the video from within this web page.

Picture of a stereo on a chest of drawers in a brightly lit room.

There are 3 features of your product that we need to highlight.

You clean the bottom of the vinyl record.

Most cleaners clean the top and then flip the clean surface over onto a contaminated platter.

The vinyl never touches the surface of the machine

The spindle design is such that only the record label touches the device.

Your device is smaller since the entire surface of the record does not have to fit in the machine.

I'll figure out how to 'pitch' this in the design but it would be helpful if we could get images of the device in use as having a vinyl record in the picture will give the customer some idea of the size of the machine.

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