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I’ve used your machine about 8 months now, on my collection of 4000 albums & 45s. It’s the most amazing component for my stereo that I have bought in years!

B.R, Prague, OK

I purchased a 1.5 from KAB and received it last Friday. It has fulfilled all my expectations and is a great product! It’s breathed new life into the sound of the discs in my collection……the world of used LPs if finally opened up to its full potential, since what I find in my travels (except for the occasional dud) can be properly cleaned up with the Nitty Gritty system.

D.D., Hastings, NE

… outstanding experience I had with the folks at Nitty Gritty. Firstly, the performance of my Nitty Gritty machine completely exceeds my expectations. In a matter of seconds, my records are cleaner and better-sounding than they have ever been. Over the years, I have invested in a number of different cleaners in an effort to protect and draw the best possible sound from my albums. I wish I had saved myself the time and money and purchased a Nitty Gritty cleaning machine to start with. Not only do my records come away clean and free of residue, but I was able to bring life back to some records that had lost sound quality. Secondly, the attention and care I was paid by Gayle and her staff was unbelievable. Everyone was super-friendly and happy to answer all of my questions over the phone. All of my e-mails were returned within a day. There is clearly a commitment on the part of the folks at Nitty Gritty to customer satisfaction! I sensed that they genuinely cared about me as a music lover and wanted me to be knowledgeable and satisfied with my purchase. I give Nitty Gritty a solid A+ and my highest recommendation.

G.C., Atlanta, GA

I just got my Nitty Gritty Pro back from the factory after being serviced. I wanted to say dealing with Scott and Gayle at Nitty Gritty was a pleasure. The work was done quickly and correctly, and the price was very reasonable. They even threw in a 16-oz bottle of cleaning solution when they sent the cleaner back to me. I’ve never used any other brand of record cleaner so I can’t compare between brands, but I seriously doubt that anyone could have better customer service than what I experienced.

S.G., Norfolk, VA

A no frills model 1.0…is everything and more that you advertise…… I’ve used it on mint and near mint records and the difference when they’re cleaned is very noticeable.

R. P., CA