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   Customer Comments & Reviews  

"Clean an album and find a treasure."  (click here for the complete review)

-- Nels Ferre, Enjoy the Music.com



"All of the records I cleaned with the Nitty Gritty sounded noticeably better
after the treatment.  In a few cases... I was surprised at how
much better."  (click here for the complete review)

-- Bob Neill, Positive Feedback Online



"Thanks to Nitty Gritty, there is now no reason for any music lover
to deprive themselves of the best possible sound their
record collection can provide."

 -- Sensible Sound



"You will be amazed at the life that comes back to what appears
to be a clean record when that record is cleaned with
one of these machines."

-- Stereophile



"[Nitty Gritty] yielded massive improvements in noise and musical
detail over the best hand brushes I have tested."

-- Audio Magazine



"I was delighted to discover that many discs with what had appeared to be obvious pressing defects sounded inestimably better after a Nitty Gritty bath - proof, for the first time, that other cleaning methods were unable to remove the grunge from my recordings."



"[Nitty Gritty] made previously dirty records sound like heaven on
earth, and there is nothing at anywhere near the price
that will do as much for your dirty records."

-- International Audio Review



"This is the first time I have felt that I have record care under control.
My only regret is that I waited so long to buy the Nitty Gritty."

-- Audio Amateur



"The Nitty Gritty is, in conclusion, the best audio component this
decade has produced."




"If I had known how much of a sound difference this Nitty Gritty makes on vinyl, I would have bought one years ago.  IT IS WONDERFUL!" 

-- J.B., Dallas, TX



"No question, your product is absolutely essential to anyone who collects LPs." 

-- E. R., Beverly Hills, CA



"I recently purchased one of your record cleaning systems and I must admit this machine is nothing short of amazing.  It drastically improves the sound of the records.  You have a great product." 

-- G.B., Weatherford, TX



"You have been magnificent!  If you ever add one of those 'this is what some of our customers have to say' options to your website, please let me know so I can add my testimony." 

-- Anon



"Unfortunately, we have a problem...  a big, potentially costly one.  *sigh*  I can't use her.  She's...  stunning.  Stunning.  I can't stop looking at her.  The smell of the wood finish, that gorgeous dust cover...  I can't clean records with this thing!!  So I guess I have to get another 1.5 FI.  Make sure it's kinda beat up, will ya?" 

-- Anon



"I received my machine back today, to find it in wonderfully repaired shape.  You out did yourselves……  The responsiveness, speed, pricing, and delivery of your company are very much appreciated."   

-- J.C., Bartlett, IL



"I’m going to keep the superlatives down to a minimum……but trust me on this, I love the machine……  I would guess that about the 90% of the noise was gone……  Just about all of the crackling sound attributable to dust in the grooves (is gone)……  In all honesty I can’t imagine a finer record cleaning machine……"  

-- M.S., Rockport, MA



"It is working perfect, I just wanted to be sure. I had almost forgot how good this machine worked, it is absolutely stunning!  Every home should own one  (if the home has  a turntable). Once again, thank you for the support."

-- M.H., Denmark



"Seriously, I expected something special, but not this.  I mean, every NG I've ever seen had the oak cabinet except mine, so I know what they look like with wood on 'em n' everything.  But this is different.  It looks at once elegant and ready to whip someone's ass.  It makes the admittedly unremarkable television beneath its shelf look like (the) cheap plastic crap (that it is)!  There's a certain, I dunno, texture to the finish that makes it very obvious it was lovingly done by hand (and you can't convince me it wasn't!).  The way the exaggerated grain throws the light around every time I walk by it makes me stop and study it again.  I'm telling you, these may be big words of praise, but I honestly have better things to do than blow sunshine where sun don't shine!  She's a show-stopper, plain and simple.  Sooooo worth it!  (And customized personally by the company president, no less!  Who does that??)" 

-- R.W., TN



"It spins!  It pumps!  It washes!  It vacuums! ... I threw on a particular "nasty" LP that was used as a dinner plate by monkeys on the island of Bora Bora... and it cleaned it spotless! Wow!

-- J.C., CA



"Let me begin by saying how much I love my Nitty Gritty.  It is the most important piece of my Hi Fi……  It has saved many sad records from used shops and garage sales." 

-- M. L., Denver, CO



"The revelation is the Nitty Gritty.  That’s the best Hi Fi money I have ever spent.  My wife and I both commented that we never remembered vinyl sounding that quiet.  Even on poorly maintained recordings there was virtually no surface noise." 

-- Anon



"Chalk up another Nitty Gritty convert!!!!!!!  PHENOMINAL, OUTRAGEOIUS, BRILLIANT, AWESOME, the accolades could go on endlessly.  I’ve had my jazz collection in storage for years, waiting to find a suitable way to clean them so that I could put them on CDs to play them with reckless abandon.  Clean vinyl smokes!!!!!!  Better than most CDs." 

-- W.J., Delanson, NY



"A no frills model 1.0…is everything and more that you advertise……  I’ve used it on mint and near mint records and the difference when they’re cleaned is very noticeable." 

-- R. P., CA



"(FIRSTrv)  I’ve got the possibility to test your cleaner on a record that was still sealed.  The result was excellent and also on near mint copies." 

-- A.B., Germany



"I just got my Nitty Gritty Pro back from the factory after being serviced.  I wanted to say dealing with Scott and Gayle at Nitty Gritty was a pleasure.  The work was done quickly and correctly, and the price was very reasonable.  They even threw in a 16-oz bottle of cleaning solution when they sent the cleaner back to me.  I’ve never used any other brand of record cleaner so I can’t compare between brands, but I seriously doubt that anyone could have better customer service than what I experienced." 

-- S.G., Norfolk, VA



"I’ve used your machine about 8 months now, on my collection of 4000 albums & 45s.  It’s the most amazing component for my stereo that I have bought in years!" 

-- B.R, Prague, OK



"I purchased a 1.5 from KAB and received it last Friday.  It has fulfilled all my expectations and is a great product!  It’s breathed new life into the sound of the discs in my collection……the world of used LPs if finally opened up to its full potential, since what I find in my travels (except for the occasional dud) can be properly cleaned up with the Nitty Gritty system." 

-- D.D., Hastings, NE



"… outstanding experience I had with the folks at Nitty Gritty.  Firstly, the performance of my Nitty Gritty machine completely exceeds my expectations.  In a matter of seconds, my records are cleaner and better-sounding than they have ever been. Over the years, I have invested in a number of different cleaners in an effort to protect and draw the best possible sound from my albums. I wish I had saved myself the time and money and purchased a Nitty Gritty cleaning machine to start with. Not only do my records come away clean and free of residue, but I was able to bring life back to some records that had lost sound quality. 

"Secondly, the attention and care I was paid by Gayle and her staff was unbelievable.  Everyone was super-friendly and happy to answer all of my questions over the phone.  All of my e-mails were returned within a day. There is clearly a commitment on the part of the folks at Nitty Gritty to customer satisfaction!  I sensed that they genuinely cared about me as a music lover and wanted me to be knowledgeable and satisfied with my purchase.  I give Nitty Gritty a solid A+ and my highest recommendation."

-- G.C., Atlanta, GA 



"(FIRSTrv)….After a re-build of the Nitty Gritty, a quick, delightful, and inexpensive experience in itself.  I did notice a slight improvement in the sonics of freshly cleaned records…. not enough.  Easy and reliable solution:  Email Gayle at Nitty Gritty and express my dismay that my records were not getting clean.  Too many pops and clicks on a pristine record surface.  She suggested some their Firstrv, a new pre-cleaner, that is designed to remove the vinyl mold release agent and she said it may help with those other nasties.  A little pricey, but she came through with the NG re-build so...send me one of your brushes as well.

"Here we go, a few drops on the brush, swipe it on the top of the record, a couple of turns on the NG, flip it over and clean as usual.  Throw it on the TT and give a listen to one of my favorite ½ speed mastered that had an errant tic here and there.  Whoa, what is this !!!  I was so taken with the improved sonics that I forgot all about the tics. Geez that sound, it's blowing the doors off the CDP.  Crisp, clear, dead silent background, and the instrument separation was improved as well. That pressing was very good before, but now.... The errant tics were still there, unobtrusive and I had to play it again just to hear them....very minor.  If I hadn't known they were there I would not have heard them.  I went on to A/B  some sides and yes after using the Firstrv there was a difference that was not subtle…."

-- GWR, Houston, TX



"Compliment to Nitty Gritty on such a wonderful piece of equipment.  The improvement in the clarity, depth, bass range of sound is phenomenal.  It is the equivalent of hearing the music properly for the first time.  The whole spectrum of the musical experience is so clear.  I have never heard bass passages so clearly and the nuances of the quiet passages are ethereal.  Magnificent.  Incidentally stereo and mono do not differ much while the depth and resonance of the old thicker LP/s is superior to the newer records.  I have never been so pleased to spend money on such an instrument that has far, far exceeded my expectations." 

-- M. R., Norwalk, CY



"I received the machine Friday and picked out the worst 33 record I could find and it was very dirty, the machine cleaned it like new if not better.  I then tried a 45 record and it cleaned it also very well.  I want to thank you for producing such a fine record cleaning machine." 

-- S.H., OH



"I am thoroughly delighted with the performance of the machine……  I never realized that vinyl could sound so marvelous!" 

-- E. W., Whittier, CA



"Also, the 3-way size adaptor is very cool and so easy to use.  Someone had a creative burst of inspiration there!" 

-- I.S., Canada